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Al-Ghazali on Neighbors: The right of the neighbor includes good behavior, not simply avoiding harm

April 19, 2016

Al-Ghazali reported: Ibn Al-Muqaffa heard that some people complained of the many rats in his house. It was said to him, “If only you had a cat!” Ibn Al-Muqaffa said, “I am afraid that the rats would hear the sound of the cat and flee to the houses of my neighbors, for then I would […]

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Hadith on Nicknames: How Abu Huraira came to be known as the father of the kitten

June 17, 2014

Abdullah ibn Rafi reported: I said to Abu Huraira, “Why were you nicknamed Abu Huraira?” Abu Huraira said, “Do you not fear me?” Abdullah said, “Of course! By Allah, I am in awe of you.” Abu Huraira said, “I would tend to the sheep of my people and I had a small kitten. I used […]

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Hadith on Cats: Cats are not impure because they often mix with people

October 2, 2012

Abu Qatadah reported: He entered upon Kabsha bint Ka’b and she poured for him some water for ablution. Then a cat came to drink from the vessel so he tilted it in order to let her drink. He saw Kabsha looking at him and he said, “Are you surprised, O daughter of my brother?” She […]

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Hadith on Animals: Severe punishment for those who torment animals

October 18, 2010

Ibn Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “A woman was punished due to a cat she had imprisoned until it died, so she entered the Hellfire. She did not give it food or water while it was imprisoned, neither did she set it free to eat from the vermin of […]

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