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Ash-Shafi’ee on Creation: Many different phenomena are produced by a single Creator

January 9, 2014

Ibn Kathir reported: Imam Ash-Shafi’ee was asked about the existence of the Creator. Ash-Shafi’ee said, “The leaves of a berry bush all have one taste. Worms eat it and produce silk, bees eat it and produce honey. Goats, camels, and cows eat it and deliver offspring. Deer eat it and produce musk. Yet, all of […]

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Hadith on Pardon: The Prophet pardons a man who became apostate and joined the enemy army

November 15, 2012

Ibn Abbas reported: Concerning the verse in Surat an-Nahl, “Whoever disbelieves in Allah after his belief, except for one who is forced while his heart is secure in faith, but those who willingly open their breasts to unbelief, then upon them is wrath from Allah and for them is a great punishment,” (16:106) that this […]

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Abu Bakr on Just War: Abu Bakr gives his military orders in the war against the rebels

October 5, 2012

Yahya ibn Sa’d reported: Abu Bakr, the truthful, was sending armies to Syria. He went for a walk with Yazid ibn Abu Sufyan, who was the commander of one of the battalions. Yazid said to Abu Bakr, “Will you ride or shall I get down?” He said, “I will not ride and you will not […]

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