Abu Sulaiman on Sincerity: Blessed are those who walk sincerely to Allah

February 1, 2017

Ibn Qudamah reported: Abu Sulaiman, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “Blessed is he who takes a single step desiring nothing but Allah Almighty.”

And Ma’ruf Al-Karkhi, may Allah have mercy on him, would strike himself and say, “O my soul! Be sincere and purify yourself!”

Source: Minhāj al-Qāṣdīn 1/365

عن ابن قدامة قال أبو سليمان رحمه الله طوبى لمن صحت له خطوة واحدة لا يريد بها إلا الله تعالى

وكان معروف الكرخى رحمه الله يضرب نفسه ويقول يا نفسي أخلصي وتخلصي

1/365 مختصر منهاج القاصدين