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Umar at Jerusalem: The covenant of protection between Umar and the Christians

October 17, 2015

At-Tabari reported: Umar ibn Al-Khattab made peace with the people of Jerusalem at Al-Jabiya and therein he wrote a single covenant for every village besides Jerusalem: In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. This is what is granted of security by the servant of Allah, Umar, the commander of the faithful, to the people of Jerusalem. He grants them safety for their lives, their property, their churches, and their crucifixes, for their ill, their healthy, and their entire community. Their churches will not be occupied, demolished, or decreased in number. Their churches and crucifixes will not be desecrated and neither anything else of their property. They will not be coerced to abandon their religion and none of them will be harmed.

Source: Tareekh At-Tabari 2/449

عن الطبري صالح عمر أهل إيلياء بالجابية وكتب لهم فيها الصلح لكل كورة كتابا واحدا ما خلا أهل إيلياء بسم اللَّه الرحمن الرحيم هذا ما أعطى عبد اللَّه عمر أمير المؤمنين أهل إيلياء من الأمان أعطاهم أمانا لأنفسهم وأموالهم ولكنائسهم وصلبانهم وسقيمها وبريئها وسائر ملتها أنه لا تسكن كنائسهم ولا تهدم ولا ينتقص منها ولا من حيزها ولا من صليبهم ولا من شيء من أموالهم ولا يكرهون على دينهم ولا يضار أحد منهم

2/449 تاريخ الطبري ثم دخلت سنة خمس عشرة ذكر فتح بيت المقدس